At Kardias we believe that all girls and boys deserve a healthy heart and a full life. Join our cause.

Our Campaigns

You can also make a deposit or transfer to save hearts

Bank Data

Account: 13013
Branch Office: 000
Code: 002180000000130131
Swift Code: BNMXMXMM
ABA Code: 021000089

Send your deposit slip to: [email protected]


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Other ways to help

Participate in our events

By purchasing a ticket and being part of our events, you donate and help so that we can continue paying for surgeries for girls and boys with heart disease who live in a vulnerable economic situation.

Donate in Global Giving

If you are outside of Mexico you can also help by donating through Global Giving, a recognized global platform for collective financing for altruistic projects.

Donate to Friends of Kardias

If you live in the United States, you can also donate to Friends of Kardias, an organization that was created in the United States to support fundraising for the Kardias program in Mexico..