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Our dream is that children with heart disease have access to quality medical care in Mexico.

Our dream is that children with heart disease have access to quality medical care in Mexico.

Our dream is that children with heart disease have access to quality medical care in Mexico.

Conoce Kardias

Kardias is a non-profit organization dedicated to:

The development of programs de excelencia para la atención de niñas y niños con enfermedades cardiacas.

Training of specialized medical teams in pediatric cardiology.


The education about the relevance of congenital heart disease.


The development of programs of excellence for the medical care of children with heart disease.


Training of specialized medical teams in pediatric cardiology.


The education about the relevance of congenital heart disease.

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About Kardias Program

At Kardias we have enabled a highly specialized program in pediatric congenital heart disease in two hospital centers: the National Institute of Pediatrics (NIP) and the ABC-Kardias Pediatric Heart Center,, que es parte del ABC Medical Center..

The Kardias Program is committed to excellence. For this reason, it shares the best practices with the most important pediatric heart centers in the world and has the most advanced technology to perform surgeries of the highest complexity and quality.

ONE in every 120 children is born with some type of heart defect.






Repaired hearts

Why is the Kardias Program unique?

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Six key aspects that you should analyze about the center or hospital that will operate on your child:

Surgeries performed

Intensive therapy

Team of doctors

Audited results

Number of surgeons

Level of complexity

Experience saves lives

When a surgeon can perform a particular procedure many times, he has more opportunities to develop those skills.

The volume of cases gives the necessary experience to the team of health professionals to develop excellence in each specialty.

Conditions of intensive therapy

Surgery is as important as post-operative care. The Pediatric Cardiosurgery Intensive Care Unit guarantees that your child will be closely supervised by professionals trained to care for the unique needs of infants, children, and adolescents who have just had heart surgery.

These spaces should be specially equipped with pediatric devices and monitors that ensure that immediate help is always available.

About Doctors

Healthcare of children with congenital heart disease is a team effort. The hospital or program must have specially trained and certified cardiologists, surgeons, anesthesiologists, intensivists, nurses, perfusionists (people who operate the heart-lung machine during surgery), and psychologists. All the doctors in the program work as a team from the moment they are referred to the program and the diagnosis is made, until they are treated and discharged to be followed up in the outpatient clinic.

Pediatric heart patients have very special needs and require a team that has special training in cardiac procedures and treatment.

The Pediatric Cardiac Surgeons have specialized training in children. Highly complex pediatric cardiac surgery has particular challenges not only due to the size of children's hearts, but also due to the characteristics of the diseases that affect them. The best results are obtained when cardiovascular surgeons are exclusively dedicated to the cardiac surgery of children, with a high volume of patients.

The Pediatric Cardiologists are patients' first contact with the program, and they are in charge of making correct and precise diagnoses that allow surgeons to carry out adequate and planned surgeries in advance. During surgery, in the operating room, they also evaluate the repair of the heart, by performing echocardiograms, and finally they follow up the patients during their in-hospital recovery and once they are discharged home.

The Intensive care physicians treat children who are in a delicate postoperative state, and who require very special management. An intensivist dedicated exclusively to children with heart surgery is prepared to detect subtle changes in the functioning of the heart and act efficiently and accurately. Response time is critical.

The nursing team that is in charge of caring for the post-heart surgery child receives specific training, is sensitized to care for this group of patients in critical condition, and supports the intensivists in making decisions.

Anesthesia and pain management are particularly important when it comes to children with heart conditions. Children respond to anesthesia differently than adults and need an extra level of care. Pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists are specially trained to treat this unique group of patients.

The Perfusionists operate the machine that supports the patient during heart surgery.

The Psychologists support the child and his family throughout the process, and are of fundamental importance for his overall well-being.

The quality of the results is important

It is important that the results of a highly specialized program are audited by an expert external association in their measurement so that their publication is objective and comparable.

There will always be someone for you

If any emergency arises and your child's surgeon is unavailable, the certified specialists on duty should be equally trained and involved in the case.

Learn about the RACHS 1 risk stratification method

There are different ways to measure the complexity of surgeries. For the classification of cases we use the risk stratification method RACHS 1 (Risk Adjustment in Congenital Heart Surgery-1). This method has been prepared on the basis of a medical consensus of experts.

This methodology divides cardiovascular surgeries into six different categories, from lowest to highest risk, allowing statistical analysis to be carried out for quality improvement purposes.

Our programs have gradually increased the number of complex RACHS-1 surgeries (4, 5 and 6) without sacrificing results or quality.


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